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Black with a capital B

I am both a molecular biologist and an artist. As a Latin American woman of color in STEMM, I use my interdisciplinary background and lived-experiences to create illustrations that make my research more accessible to the general public, by visually intertwining items from the macro to micro scale. Beyond serving as an outreach tool, my illustrations also strive to highlight some of the most underrepresented voices and excluded stories in science. To this end, I created this piece to celebrate and acknowledge the contributions that Black women have made, directly or indirectly, to advance STEMM. In this illustration, you can appreciate various elements, from Henrietta Lacks' (HeLa) cells which were taken and used for research purposes without her or her family's consent, to Alice Ball's work on Chaulmoogra oil for leprosy treatment. Through my artwork, I wish for underrepresented groups within STEMM to feel that they belong and can thrive, by appreciating the success of those before them.

- Victoria Glynn

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