Are you currently an undergraduate student enrolled in a STEMM (Science, Technology, Mathematics and Medicine) program at McGill?


Do you wish you could talk to someone who’s already been through the process? Maybe you’d like advice on how to choose the right major for you, how to apply to grad school, or how to write a resume and find a job? 


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STEMM Diversity at McGill, a student-driven initiative at McGill University, has launched a mentorship program this Winter 2021 semester. Our goal is to break the barriers that impede undergraduate students in under-represented groups within STEMM, so that they may feel a sense of belonging and thriving. Through an individualized mentorship program, we will pair undergraduate students (mentees) with graduate students (mentors) to support them in their academic trajectories while creating an open community, where all concerns can be voiced and knowledge is shared. 


Once matched, mentors and mentees will join other pairs at a welcome session, which will overview the mentorship program and its expectations. Each mentee will meet virtually with their mentors at least 3 times throughout the semester. Bi-monthly “open Zoom calls” will be hosted by different mentors, where mentees can drop-in to discuss a wide variety of topics including academics, skill development, leadership, and more. A monthly newsletter will be sent to mentees with resources detailing job/co-op opportunities, academic resources, upcoming grants and talks, research positions, and other programs of interest. Monthly workshops will be held for students in the program, but will be equally open to students outside the program. Potential workshops could include sessions on planning and setting goals, studying and writing exams, managing stress, techniques for anxiety and depression, careers in STEMM, and equity-based training. 


Undergraduate students interested in signing up for the mentorship program can fill the following form:

Graduate students interested in becoming mentors can fill the following form and we will contact you for an interview: